Die Equipment

Woodburn Diamond Die, Inc. has for many years worked with their customers in the wire industry who felt that maintaining an in-house die room at the plant a necessity. These customers have looked to Woodburn to provide machinery and individual first-hand training techniques to their employees in the die room.

In regards to the die room equipment, Woodburn has always designed and built most of the machinery at the Indiana location. In addition, we represent a German manufacturer, MBZT (Michael Bohm Ziehsteintechnik), which designs and manufactures a line of technically advanced die reconditioning equipment. Woodburn Diamond Die is the North American distributor for the machinery designed by Michael Bohm who in turn represents Woodburn Diamond Die in Europe.

Model No.Function Die Size
USTZ 100Ultrasonic reconditioning machine0.04 to 5.0mm
(.0016-.197 inch)
U1-HA Semi-Automatic Ultrasonic reconditioning machine0.04 to 5.0mm
(.0016-.197 inch)
USTZ 300 Ultra-sonic reconditioning machine 2.5 to 15.0mm
(.099 - .590 inch)
USTZ 400-VAFull-Automatic Ultrasonic reconditioning machine with multiple heads available0.05 to 5.0mm
(.002 - .197 inch)
DR-01 Wire polishing machine0.01 to 0.5mm
(.0004 - .020 inch)
DR-2 Wire polishing machine0.2 to 3.5mm
(.0078 - .138 inch)
DR-3 Wire polishing machine3.0 to 12.0mm
(.118 - .472 inch)

Misc. items include:

  • elongation tracks
  • wire pullers
  • microscopes
  • die design program

Die Room Training is provided to our customers by qualified Woodburn personnel. Personalized training at any of our facilities is available upon request.  Woodburn also provides in-house training on re-cutting/re-polishing techniques as well as visual training to evaluate the die inventory. Recommendations on inventory control/maintenance is also available.