Elongation Sets

Woodburn Diamond Die has been recognized throughout the world as a preferred supplier of die sets requiring elongation certification between dies. In order to match accurately to the elongation of the wire drawing machinery used, Woodburn’s die sequence calculation software determines die sizes and tolerances. Properly elongated sets help the wire drawing machinery achieve maximum speed and reduce potential wire breaks. Normal set configurations range from six wires to 24 wires utilizing hundreds of dies per set.

Trouble-free multi-wire startups are of the utmost importance which is why Woodburn Diamond Die tests and certifies each die for correct elongation before delivery. For ease of installation, each die is individually marked with a set number and packaged as sets. For cost-efficiency, many customers take advantage of Woodburn’s stocking program of their elongation sets.

Woodburn Diamond Die has distinguished itself from other wire die companies in the manufacture of matched elongation sets by making customer satisfaction and customer relationships its first priority. For this reason customers also prefer Woodburn’s recutting services of their elongation sets.

Selecting The Appropriate Type Of Die
Polycrystalline diamond provides longer die life while Single Crystal Diamond dies provide superior wire surface finish. For these reasons, Polycrystalline and Single Crystal Diamond dies are preferred in the matched elongation set process. Some applications use either one type or the other, while other applications use both in combination. As an example, some customers use all Polycrystalline Diamond dies in their elongation sets when drawing bare copper wire, while other customers use all Single Crystal Diamond dies in their elongation sets when drawing plated wire, depending on the diameter of the finished wire. It is recommended that a combination of both be used when drawing tinned or plated copper wire, the last four or five die sizes being Single Crystal Diamond dies for the best surface finish.
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