Tungsten Carbide Dies

Carbide dies have been used in the wire industry for many years. They are used in various drawing applications where diamond dies are not economical or where hole tolerance is not as critical.They are used extensively in the steel industry as well as the nonferrous industry in applications such as bunching or stranding large diameter cables. These dies are available in a large range of nib and hole sizes.

Tungsten Carbide (TC) (.0080 – 1.250 inch) (0.1524 – 31.750 mm)

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Nib Size Maximum Rec.
Hole Size
Standard NibStandard CasingStandard Rough Cored Hole Size
R-2.128.325 .330 1 or 1-1/2 9/16 or 3/4Avail.in sizes.005 to .115
R-5 .280.625.6001-1/2 7/8 Avail.in sizes.010 to .260
R-6.350.710.700 21-1/8Avail.in sizes.015 to .320
R-7.425.768 .768 31-3/8Avail.in sizes.175 to .400
R-8.5161.000.820 31-3/4Avail.in sizes.200 to .500
R-9.6871.187.820 31-3/4Avail.in sizes.300 to .660
R-10.8751.5001.000 3 or 42Avail.in sizes.440 to .860
R-111.2501.8301.25042-1/4Avail.on quotation basis