Recutting Services

Die Maintenance and Inventory Control
Woodburn Diamond Die provides die recutting and repolishing services for all types of wire drawing dies. Over 40 years of experience in this field has built a technically sound program that utilizes precision craftsmanship and current technology to repair dies to like-new condition. State-of-the-art production and measuring equipment have enabled Woodburn Diamond Die to ensure that quality standards and required die specifications are met to the customer’s satisfaction.

Incoming inspections of the dies offer insight into the recent history of the drawing process. This inspection focuses on the ability to meet the new size request and also serves to review the general wear characteristics of the die. Information on dies that have received unusually heavy or abnormal wear is reported back to the customer so that they can inspect their supporting systems that effect the drawing process.

Recut Die Sets Matched by Elongation
Woodburn Diamond Die has been recognized throughout the world as a preferred supplier of die sets requiring elongation certification between dies. Die sets being recut must be repaired to a quality level equal to that when the dies were new in order to achieve the benefits of the multi-wire drawing machine. The die set is physically elongated to the machine specifications within a tolerance of ±0.5%. At the completion of the repair process, the die strings are stamped and packaged for ease of identification and future installation in the machine.

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Customer Inventory Control
Woodburn Diamond Die offers our customers the option to have their worn die inventory (or a portion) held at our facility. This facilitates a quicker shipping response as well as helping to maximize the utilization of the die inventory. The program reduces the labor cost of the customer by passing the order building process over to Woodburn. Our experienced service personnel monitor and pull the dies as needed. Frequent information exchanges help to keep the material cycling in an orderly and efficient manner.